Do-er or Hear-er?

This week on Twelve Lunches, a short guest post from one of our readers, Lisa in California.

Lisa is a therapist, mother of two, a yogini, and yes – a Jesus Freak. She believes that love is a verb.

Last week, in my Bible study group studying James, the question was asked:  What in your life shows that you are a do-er, and not just a hear-er?  I think this question would probably make most of us feel a bit inadequate.

I’ve recently taken to asking homeless people if they are hungry, if I see them on my way into a store.  I ask them what they want and then get them that and some treats.  Today I did this for a lady standing outside Target.  She said she would really love a Coke, and she was hungry but didn’t know what they had inside.  I brought her back a large Coke, a sandwich, a warm pretzel, some chips, some trail mix and a candy bar.

When I got back, she was reading her Bible behind her sign.  I wanted to say something like “I know you must think God is far away, but He does see you in your distress,” but I only got as far as “I know you must think God is far away….” and she interrupted me.  She said “Oh, no, honey!!!  I do NOT think God is far away!  He has blessed me in so many ways!” and she went on to tell me all the ways God has blessed her life — most of them things that happen to me quite frequently and I completely take for granted.  I was humbled almost to the point of tears.

It’s hard to realize just how much we NEED God when we have everything we require, seemingly from our own efforts.  I’m thankful for the reminder that everything I have I got from God — and I need to be thankful a lot more.