Rogue Cinema

Fridays on ‘Doves and Serpents’ are film nights. That means you can get your popcorn and follow along with a set of legendary and rogue directors and films that have made an impression on us. Please watch the films along with us (we’ll announce each one a week beforehand), and share the personal experiences you have with them. We’d like you to feel like you’re part of the group: except for the distance, we’re sharing a living room, and hope to learn from each other.

According to the Slovenian thinker Slavoj Zizek, we go to the cinema in order to learn how to see the world: to learn how to live. In our exploration of the deep and complex world of film, we’ll go off the beaten track, into foreign territories, for sure. We can’t promise you’ll be safe: but you can expect to come back a different person than when you embarked.

Check out our schedule for the next few weeks here.