Twelve Lunches

February 21 was the day I decided to do something about it. I’d spent several months pondering over what I considered an ethical dilemma- how to respond to requests for help or money from people on streetcorners on my daily commute. This is compounded by the fact that my sweet children- who often commute with me- ask a lot of questions. Why can’t he build a house like you and Daddy did for us? Why doesn’t he/she have money? Why are they outside with no coat?

So- we made, assembly-line style, 12 bagged lunches. I tried not to agonize too much about what to put in them- I basically let the kids pick out a variety of things that would be easy to eat and could be stored in the car.  We picked up some public transportation passes and also included a list of local resources.

And then we gave them away. Stay tuned.