Untitled Poem

Cheryl, who wrote this poem for Doves & Serpents, asked if our readership had any ideas for the title. Please share your thoughts, feelings and possible titles in the comments below.

You are a God of temples,
Celestial rooms and light;
Of spotless sunlit windows
And robes of white.

I am a child of darkness,
Of hurt and midnight pain;
My heart a blood-red vessel
Of sin-seared shame.

You are a God of chapels,
Of shaking friendly hands;
Of chatter in the foyer
In green-grassed lands.

I am a homeless outcast,
A gasping thirst have I;
A gray and lonely phantom,
A branch so dry.

Where can we meet but Jesus,
Your reaching, roaming Son?
By day a reigning monarch, on
A golden throne;

But then, by night descending
Throughout the world’s black skies
To kiss the purple bruises
Of such as I.