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  • moneytitle

    Going Green

    One of the most profound ideas from my big Christmas trip was how it affected my relationship with my wallet. Taking a family of 6 that far for that long...
  • sunset

    Scenes from Colorado

    These photos were taken in Colorado by Rhonda Nasuta Swanson, a great photographer.  You can see more of her work at her website.
  • buddha graffiti

    Smart-Asses Welcome

    Today at the yoga studio we offered a day of full retreat complete with restorative yoga, meditation classes, clean vegetarian meals, and dharma talks. It was a day to rejuvenate...
  • Sassetta: St Antony beaten by the devils


    “Don’t blame it all on the devil” seems a reasonable enough point for mature minds. Maybe too obvious a point? It’s tempting to take all of this at face value...
  • Eraserhead

    David Lynch: ‘Eraserhead’

    The chicken on the table isn’t dead. The baby is perhaps a cow fetus. And Henry has to raise it – as far as he possibly can – and to...
  • The City

    A Ride to Church: Atlanta

    What is your Ride to Church like? Today we travel with Claire, through Atlanta, GA.
  • Garden of Earthly Delights

    Forbidden Fruit

    So, I just finished reading an absolutely fascinating book called Forbidden Fruit: Sex and Religion in the Lives of American Teenagers by Mark Regnerus, a professor at University of Texas-Austin....
  • London bridge

    Scenes from a Trip to Europe

    Megan M. (one of Heather’s former students) is an orchestra director at a middle school in Texas, an amazing violinist, a photographer, and a painter as well!  Here are a...
  • boxes

    Forget the Rules

    I am moving to a new house this week and I’ve had a surprisingly hard time adjusting to that fact. As dread has constantly threatened to take me over, one...
  • editfly

    More Dread than Alive

    “You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience by which you really stop to look fear in the face. . . . You must do the thing you think...
  • meditation

    Meditation 101

    When I signed up for Yoga Teacher Training years ago, I was warned to expect a lot of sitting still for hours on the floor in silence, listening to dharma...
  • Christoph Niemann: Visitor from the Kid's Room

    The Power and the Glory of Quirky Observation

    I’ve recently been reminded of how some, more quirky observations can easily lead to delightful moments of wonder and a spine-tingling connectedness with the whole bad-ass universe. We might fail...
  • Photo by Stewart Antler


    From Dayna Patterson’s new book, ‘Loose Threads’.
  • lost-highway-original

    David Lynch: ‘Lost Highway’

    If we are no longer what society tells us: then who are we? And how can we be trusted?
  • shoes by

    Number 7

    I caught a glimpse of him opening the bag and then dropping it rather unceremoniously on the ground. He then picked up the sign and again and turned slowly...
  • socks undone large

    You can’t have two fun parents. That’s a carnival.

    I love the show Modern Family. When it first started, I got some chain emails about how negative the show was and how we (Mormons?, “God-fearing people”?) should email ABC...
  • bedsie

    Read More Adventurously

    When was the last time you tried a book you expected to hate?
  • king cover

    Am I “Dreaming”?

    In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. Martin Luther King, Jr. I grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah...
  • header

    Faith – Worth the Risk?

    *The following is a guest post by Dan Ron Kauk is one of the world’s most renowned rock climbers. A fixture at Yosemite during the climbing season, he’s pioneered routes...
  • Picasso - Three Women


    ‘Bake’ isn’t just about changing, its about the charm that transforms everyday innocuous items into unrecognizable, uncooperative objects through unknown mischief. When we find ourselves stupefied by keys that should...
  • Spirit2

    The Spirit of the Beehive

    Who could ever draw the lines that would separate the material world and the worlds of the imagination? For children, these worlds flow into each other very easily: a merging...
  • handshake

    What The Church is Doing Wrong

    Something’s better than nothing…. or is it?
  • exile_in_guyville

    Seminal Works – Exile in Guyville

    But, there is so much more to Exile than sexual frankness. Exile is about finding your way in the third wave of feminism, when you believe in equality, but you...
  • hunting lake

    Hunting Arkansas

    Sunny Bottoms took these beautiful images while hunting at her family farm in Arkansas. The muted tones and use of the analogue frame create a fitting reflection of memory: a...
  • header

    Let Go

    No doubt, sometime in your life you’ve been told, “Just let it go.” It’s a common phrase, and one that’s often misunderstood. We tend to think of letting go as...
  • Brueghel - Tower of Babel


    [Updated with Bad Religion] The Holy Bible tells a story rich in metaphor which marks the tendency for information to change as it passes through and between human minds. The...
  • il conformista

    The Conformist

    Nobody would want to be called a ‘Fascist’. Unless, of course, you’re living in 1930’s Italy: the world of Bernardo Bertolucci’s The Conformist (1970). The film follows a man: an...
  • sub

    Number Six

    I encountered the same man at Boulevard and Freedom that I’d given lunch #4 to last week. I felt badly that I’d forgotten to restock and fell into my old...
  • oklahoma city memorial


    This week Heather visited the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial. On a large wall she found inscribed these words: “We come here to remember those who were killed, those who survived...
  • road signs

    What are we aiming for?

    Have you ever written a family mission statement? I’m not big on self-help books (with the exception of the mountain of parenting books I read when my kids were babies/toddlers/pre-schoolers)....
  • Books2

    Reading in the New Year

    I still like to keep track of the end of year book lists because if, heaven forbid, I ever make it all the way through the stack on my bedside...
  • white stone

    Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot?

    The natural recounting of achievements and regrets with an eye to the future feels like a gift.
  • DSC_0174

    Offering, Part II

    At the end of a painful retreat (about which, click here), Laurie came to pick me up. She brought Echo, a rambunctious Samoyed, who, she informed me, was disappointingly not...
  • London Calling York

    London Calling

    [UPDATED] I took a call from London at four this morning – that’s 11 AM London time. It was my fifteen year-old daughter in tears at having discovered that she...