10 A Mormon in the Cheap Seats: The WORST Talks Ever

Why are these talks on the list?

I have my theories (and I’ll put them down on paper next week).  For now, I’m interested in what you think. Why are these talks on the list? What cheap seat beliefs do they bump up against? What principles do they contradict? Or is it just that “the guilty taketh the truth to be hard?

Thanks to all those that responded to my informal poll. Note: I suspect I still need to add a few nominations to the list, so if your “favorite” talk isn’t included, please let me know (and I’ll add it).

Added: 9/6/2011, The Language of Prayer, DHO, 1993

Running list of additional talks (to be added in the future): The Arts and the Spirit of the Lord by Boyd K. Packer (link, truly one of the worst talks EVER); The Equal Rights Amendment, by Boyd K. Packer (link, truly a steaming pile of horsepucky, we almost need a different list for this one).

Race Problems—As They Affect the ChurchMEP1954
For What Purpose?ARD1962
Civil Rights: Tool of Communist DeceptionETB1967
The Iron RodHBL1971
Of Royal BloodSWK1971
Civic Standards for the Faithful SaintsETB1972
Strengthening the Patriarchal Order in the HomeBAB1973
Love vs. LustSWK1975
A Self-Inflicted PurgingVJF1975
Marriage and DivorceSWK1976
To Young Men OnlyBKP1976
To the OneBKP1978
On My HonorSWK1978
Fourteen Fundamentals in Following the ProphetETB1980
The Seven Deadly HeresiesBRM1980
The Mantle is Far Far Greater than the IntellectBKP1981
The Candle of the LordBKP1983
To the Mothers of ZionETB1987
Alternate VoicesDHO1989
Daughters of GodGBH1991
Talk to the All-Church Coordinating CouncilBKP1993
The Language of PrayerDHO1993
The Unwritten Order of ThingsBKP1996
Are We Not All MothersSLD2001
Divine LoveRMN2003
Tithing--A Commandment for Even the DestituteLGR2005
Let Us Be MenDTC2006
And Nothing Should Offend ThemDAB2006
Quick to ObserveDAB2006
Mothers Who KnowJBB2007
Celestial MarriageRMN2008
Staying at Home. . . Again--2009
Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ (The Six Destructive Ds)KWP2009
Safety for the SoulJRH2009
Love and LawDHO2009
Cleansing the Inner VesselBKP2010
Two Lines of CommunicationDHO2010
Prophetic Priorities and Dedicated DisciplesESD2013