Ride to Haun’s Mill

Today’s Ride to Church isn’t actually a ride to church at all, but is a ride to a sacred, hallowed space in Mormon history: Haun’s Mill.  Reed writes:

“I try to make a trip/pilgrimage to Haun’s Mill every year on the anniversary of the massacre.  The battle of Crooked River took place on October 25th, 1838 and the massacre at Haun’s Mill – by far the bloodiest event in the 1838 Mormon War in Missouri –  occurred five days layer on the 30th.  Going at this time of the year, I can not only enjoy the gorgeous fall colors, but also get some sense of what the weather and conditions may have been like for them.  The still pristine area at Haun’s Mill is considered by many to be a sacred space.  This trip begins in Clay County and then up into Caldwell County – a distance of about 60 miles.  These photos were all taken on November 3rd of this year.”