Walk to Church in the Czech Republic

Today’s “ride” to church comes to us from Nathan, Claire’s brother, who writes:


My sister Claire asked me to submit a “Ride to Church” episode for her blog. So, here it is.

Near our house in the Czech Republic there is a “place of pilgrimage” called Svatý Jan pod Skalou (St. John Under the Rock). It’s a place where an ascetic saint, Ivan, lived in the 9th or 10th century, at a time when Bohemia was transitioning to Christianity. Later, a church and adjoining monastery were built around the cave where, as tradition has it, St. Ivan lived.

In our case, the “ride” to church entails walking from our house down a hill through a forest and then along an asphalt road.

As you walk down the road, you’re treated to beautiful views of the “rock” that the church/village is located under. (Reminder: the village is called “St. John Under the Rock” – in this case, the St. John in question is actually John the Baptist, who is said to have appeared to St. Ivan.)