Another Look at the YM/YW Manuals

Last week, we shared a post by Laura in which she compared the language used in one of the new YM/YW lesson manuals, which we are to begin using in 2013.  Here’s Laura’s look at the unit of lessons for October 2013:  Becoming More Christlike.  Laura writes:

Since the temple marriage lesson was bound to have some significant differences between the YM’s and YW’s versions, I figured it was only fair to take a look at a block of lessons that was more likely to have similarities.  The first lesson in this unit is called “How Can I Become More Christlike?”  No need for that content to be gender-specific, right?

Unfortunately, this side-by-side comparison similarly shows that there are differences in the way we speak to both YM and YW and their teachers, and those differences appear to be deliberately chosen and inserted.

[ (YW), (YM)]