23 Psaltery & Lyre: Bennett Durkan, Two Poems


Planetary Bodies

We are two bodies in motion
affected by inertia and the weak
force known as gravity.

We could orbit like moons
named after Greek gods
or heroes, around solid
concepts of love or lust.

We could move in elliptical
patterns along egg-shaped
routes and every now
and then eclipse the other
when the stars align.

Sadly, we know gravity is a product of distance.



Darkness is thick.
Your heart pumps.
You breathe through
clenched teeth.

It’s just a spook,
a startle, some sound
outside like a door slam
or a twig snap

Over your head, the sheets
are safe and warm—
still you can’t see into the other rooms.
You hope these ghosts
know how to respect your privacy.


Bennett Durkan is pursuing an M.A. in English at Stephen F. Austin State University.


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