24 Psaltery & Lyre: Kris Bluth, Two Poems


Downtown Eugene

The two people
in front of me
have never been
married.  They can
snuggle and kiss

and walk down the
sidewalk all at
the same time.  
They pass the
watch shop and
the Japanese
restaurant and stop
at the lingerie store.  
She points out
something in the
window.  He follows

her inside.  I go
on to the corner
and cross against
a green light.  
Nobody’s coming.



jesus’ dad

he likes to say that our heavenly mother is so sacred we shouldn’t even talk about her and that we can just go ahead and imagine that she’s as bodacious as megan fox and tawny kitaen and some really smart chick all rolled into one but good

god man who does he think he’s fooling i know a single father when i see one.



Kris Bluth lives in Eugene, Oregon, and enjoys singing along to the Veggie Tales theme song with his daughter.   Among the places his work has appeared are Denali, Groundwaters, Every Day Poets, Irreantum, and Salt Lake City Weekly. 


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