Encounters: Easter Morning


This Easter my family and I were visiting London, with the intention of doing tourist stuff and to evaluate our choice to move to England.  We wanted to travel to the city that we were thinking of moving to so we could evaluate the ward.  This required us to get up very early to catch the first tube as soon as it opened and the first train.  It was Easter Sunday, and all 4 of our girls and their two cousins were in matching dresses.  They made quite the entrance on the first tube ride of the morning. 

One of the downside of the first tube ride on a Sunday morning is that there tend to be a large number of drunk people from Saturday night. We happened to get on and sit by a couple who were totally sloshed.  My 4 year old happened to sit next to the lady.  I was across the aisle.  The lady begins to touch my daughter’s hair.  I am freaking out.  I am about to get up and move my daughter when I felt like I hit a spiritual wall.  And very clearly to my body came this flooding of love for this woman and the impression that touching my daughter’s hair was probably the most peace she had felt in a very long time.  As we rode the tube to the train station, I was filled with how much love God had for this woman.  That she needed to feel peace that Easter morning.  And how grateful I was for the spirit, and how connected we are to each other and how much I want to love more freely and judge less.  I think in 30 years I will still love that sister, she is burned in my heart and I still pray for her.  She is part of me forever.