Encounters: Miraculous Timing

east texasBy Karin

I work as a nursing home and hospice physician.  One day, while travelling to see patients on a 100-mile round trip route, I got a call from one of our nurses about a patient who had just arrived home from the hospital and was in significant respiratory distress and rapidly approaching death in his home.  I was on my way from one little East Texas town to another when she called.  We have a pharmacy service that delivers medications once they are ordered by a physician, but as she described the patient’s distress, I worried that it would take too long for the pharmacy to make the delivery.  Since I was in the area, I asked for his more specific location and told her that I was driving right past Lincoln Junior High in Coldspring, Texas.  As it turns out this patient lived in Coldspring…on a street directly across from Lincoln Junior High.  Since I had just passed the school, I made the U-turn and visited the patient who was visibly short of breath and moaning, in need of morphine to ease his distress.  I wrote a prescription that his family took to a local pharmacy to be filled right away.  He died several hours later.  On this day, I knew that Heavenly Father was aware of this man’s suffering.  It was not an encounter that demonstrated my generosity or anyone else’s, but the miraculous timing was a witness to me of Heavenly Father’s incomprehensible awareness of each of His children and His abiding love.  He put me there right on time.