41 Psaltery & Lyre: Angela Felsted, “Sons”




Man who glowed near
the oak of Mamre.
Exalted man
I know you gave Abraham
wisdom. I believe
you put the compass in me,
you are the needle
that directs us on the
path to godhood;
my crooked boned grandfather
and my grey-haired papa
have passed down
their divine potential.
As man is, God once was.
As God is, man may become.
I am Joseph Smith Jr.,
heir to the birthright of
Ephraim, son of Jacob,
son of Isaac, son of Abraham
son of God.


Angela Felsted is a musician, poet, and nature lover. Her work has appeared in issue fifteen of Drown in Your Own Fears, in Chantarelle’s Notebook, and on her blog. Her chap books, CLEAVE and SCARRED were published in 2012, and her edgy young adult romance, CHASTE, was recently released.


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