D’Arcy’s Sundance Reviews: Kill Your Darlings

Radcliffe-DeHaan-Kill-Your-Darlings-2-500x489D’Arcy is busy attending the Sundance Film Festival and agreed to let us post an excerpt of her movie reviews on Doves and Serpents (thanks, D’Arcy).  Her first review covers the movie Kill Your Darlings.  Stay tuned for other Sundance Film Festival movie reviews.

When Michael C. Hall walked into the Eccles Center for his Sundance Premiere of Kill Your Darlings, he was dressed in monochromatic gray sweater and pants, and had a very unassuming nature. He also had a ready smile and talked a lot about his love of the Beatnik icons like Jack Kerouac (played beautifully by ravishing (and tall!) Jack Huston from Boardwalk Empire). He talked about the depths the film goes to in an eloquence that was unexpected. Not only is Hall refeshingly kind, succinct, and interesting–we also give him thumbs up for being well read and eloquent. During one moment, he said, honestly, that it’s the one and only time in his life where he looked at the director and said, “Don’t be an idiot, hire me.”

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