D’arcy’s Sundance Reviews: Stoker

Stoker-1993581-headerD’Arcy is busy attending the Sundance Film Festival and agreed to let us post an excerpt of her movie reviews on Doves and Serpents (thanks, D’Arcy).  Her second review covers the movie Stoker.  Stay tuned for other Sundance Film Festival movie reviews.

As a photographer–this film was visually one of the most stunning sequence of composed shots I’ve ever seen compiled into a single movie. As a human being with a mother and many uncles, this film made me utterly creeped out. So, it was a win-win.
Stoker stars Academy Award winner Nicole Kidman, Mia Wasikowska (I finally know how to spell her name!), and the utterly delightful Matthew Goode. Perhaps the biggest reveleation, however, came in the form of director Park Chan-wook. Many will know him from Oldboy, but will have never even heard of him before. He makes his English directorial debut here at Park City this year. Armed with a translator, he was delightfully charismatic, charming, humorous, and low-key. I loved him.


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