D’Arcy’s Sundance Reviews: The East

the eastD’Arcy is busy attending the Sundance Film Festival and agreed to let us post an excerpt of her movie reviews on Doves and Serpents (thanks, D’Arcy).  Her third review covers the movie The East.  Stay tuned for other Sundance Film Festival movie reviews.
Clever. Captivating. Innovative. Perfectly Paced. Brit Marling has breathed new life into film with this fresh idea.
This film was satisfying.
How often can you say that?
I first discovered Brit Marling in Another Earth. She was quiet, stunning, and a persuasive actor. Little did I know she had not only starred in the film, she had also co-written it. A flawless beauty, she was tired of being offered parts as “the dumb cheerleader”.  So, she started writing two screenplays of her own. She would work on one in the morning and one in the evening.
One of these was The East.
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