47 Psaltery & Lyre: Murray Alfredson, “Skull-locked”

fluid brown




Still voice that ripples
through skull’s fluids,
vibrates grey folded
lobes direct:
swimmer in dark
synapse leaper,
neuron nudger,
whose echoes barely
sough from skull-dome,
whom once I thought
to take on tongue
as melting wafer,
to sip with fume
of full-red wine —
o quiet indweller
can we ever
know if you
be more
than skull-locked?



Murray Alfredson is a retired librarian and lecturer, who has also worked in Buddhist chaplaincy at Flinders University of South Australia.  He has published poems and essays in Manifold, Cadenza, Reach, Ocean, Touch, the journal of healing, Overland, Eremos and other journals and anthologies in Australia, the USA, Canada and the UK, and a poetry collection, “Nectar and light,” in Friendly Street new poets, 12.  (Adelaide: Wakefield Press and Friendly Street Poets, 2007.)  He has won a High Beam Poetry Award in 2004, and the Poetry Unhinged Multicultural poetry prize in 2006 and has twice been nominated for the Pushcart Prize.  A second collection, The gleaming clouds, is forthcoming in 2013. 


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