Equality is not a Feeling

Two-part proclamation from me:

1.  I don’t know what I think about God these days, but this much I know:  God is not the author of inequality.  I don’t care who claims otherwise.  I’m not buying what you’re selling.

2.  Separate but equal is bollocks.  I don’t buy it in movie theaters, schools, water fountains, hospitals, government, laws, train cars, soda counters, or busses.  I sure as heck don’t buy it in my church. 

In a meeting at City Creek Park on October 5, before the Ordain Women participants walked quietly to Temple Square to ask to be admitted into the priesthood session of General Conference, Kate Kelly said it much more eloquently:

“I have heard from many women, ‘I see nothing wrong with the status quo. I feel equal.’ To them I say: ‘You can feel respected, supported and validated in the church, but equality can be measured. Equality is not a feeling. In our church men and women are not equal.’”

Here are a few ways we could measure equality in the Mormon church:

Measurement #1:  a listing of “General Authorities” on the www.lds.org webpage

Measurement #2: another listing of “General Authorities” in another part of the www.lds.org webpage

Measurement #3: a (very brief) listing of what we call the “Auxiliaries.”  These people serve “under the direction of” the people listed in #1 and #2.


I agree with Kate:  equality can be measured.


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