Equality is Not a Feeling, 6.0

This week’s “Equality is not a Feeling” post is an illustration of the number of times the phrase “Heavenly X” or “X in Heaven” has appeared in any conference address since 1851 according to corpus.byu.edu. You’ll notice the difference between X=”Father” and X=”Mother” is 9,847 to 30.
2013 10 29 godbar
Recently it’s even worse, as you can see in  the illustration below, which shows the references to Heavenly Father vs Heavenly Mother over the last 25 years of combined April and October General Conferences.  The only 6 references to Heavenly Mother were all in Hinckley’s October 1991 talk, where he denounced people who pray to her, apparently in an attempt to console a 14 year old girl who had written him a letter, worried that women cannot go to heaven because they are not as important as men.
2013 10 29 25year
[Anderson, manuscript in preparation.]
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