Equality is Not a Feeling, 7.0

Today’s Equality is not a Feeling post is a depiction of the number of General Conference speakers, by gender, from 1984-2013. 

Four women spoke in April 1984, when I was 11.  Not surprisingly, I don’t remember that at all (again, I was 11).

Between 1985-1988 (when I was 12-15), no women spoke in General Conference.  Not one.

And then, when I was 15 1/2, a woman spoke in the October General Conference.  I remember when Michaelene Grassli spoke in 1988.  I don’t remember the content of the talk and I have no recollection of a conversation about how a woman was speaking, but I remember  that she spoke.  After that, we went a few years (1990-1993) bouncing back and forth between 1 and 2 female speakers (compared to approximately 38 males) in each conference.  2 women, 38 men.

I can’t help but wonder how that shaped my views of who has authority to speak in my church, of whose voices are worth listening to, and of whose experiences warrant inclusion in the most important meetings my church has.

gc speakers by gender 1984 through 2013

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