Equality is not a Feeling, 10.0

Equality is not a Feeling 2.0 depicted the number of minutes of General Conference addresses delivered by men as compared to those delivered by woman. 

As guest writer Anderson points out, the chart on Equality is not a Feeling 2.0 conceals a greater inequity: the short length and doctrinal poverty of the talks these women give.

First, some data:

2013 12 02 word count gc talks male female

Here’s this data depicted in pie charts:


Using the number of verses cited per page as a proxy for the doctrinal richness of a talk reveals a lot of mathematical inequity, even correcting for the relatively few and short talks women give:

  • Number of verses cited per “page” (2000 alphabet characters), using speakers who have given 3+ conference talks: male speakers average 5.0 verses per page, females 2.3
  • Probability such a large difference occurs by chance: 0.0000008

Finally, here’s a depiction of the scriptural density of the General Conference talks from 1974-2014, broken down by gender.

densityIn sum, most male General Conference speakers cite 2-7 scripture verses per page.  A few male conference speakers cite 10-15 (Neal A. Maxwell, maybe?).

Most female General Conference speakers cite 1-5 scripture verses per page.  No female General Conference speaker used more than ~6 scripture verses per page.

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