Equality is not a Feeling, 13.0

Today’s post is kind of cheating, since it’s just a new visual depiction of data from the Equality is not a Feeling, 3.0 post, but this image (submitted by a Facebook friend) is so powerful, it deserves its own post.  

Here is the male-female breakdown of the top leaders of the Mormon church.

leaders.jpgWhen I look at these numbers, all I can do is shake my head.  This is not our good stuff, Mormon-friends.  This is not the/a way to make Mormon women feel invested in the church as an institution.  It’s not the/a way to make Mormon women’s voices and experiences matter as much as men’s. 

And no matter how many times a Mormon church leader tells me I am important or that my voice is valued, the data just don’t bear this out.  The numbers just don’t add up. 

This is not equality.