Equality is not a Feeling, 14.0

Today’s Equality is not a Feeling post depicts the number of General Conference speakers, by sex, from 1984-2013.  I said it last week, but I’ll say it again because it bears repeating:  this is not equality.  We can do better than this; we must do better than this. 

I want to hear from female church leaders.  Even more, I desperately want my daughters and my son to hear from female church leaders.  I want them to learn about female church leaders the way we learn about them in Primary.  I want them to sing Primary songs that include female church leaders–the way we do about the men.  I want them to be able to look forward to attending Sunday School classes when the entire year’s curriculum would focus on teachings and scriptural/doctrinal interpretations and revelations from female church leaders–as we currently do with the men.  I want them to be able to go to Sunday School and YW/YM lessons and hear quotes from female church leaders–a lot rather than just the occasional quote from/by/about Eliza R. Snow.

I want them to know that in their church–in Mormonism–women’s voices and experiences matter as much as men’s. 

That is currently not the case in Mormonism.

GC speakers by sex