Equality is not a Feeling, 15.0

Today’s post continues the same thought from last week’s by depicting the number of General Conference speakers by sex, from 1984 through 2013.


 number of GC speakers by sex


How do I explain this to my daughters–or to my son–when they ask for an explanation (which they already have, beginning at about age 5)? 

1.  “We don’t know . . .” – if that’s what I’m selling, they’re not buying.

2.  “That’s the way Heavenly Father set it up . . .” – if that’s what He’s selling, they’re not buying.

3.  “The Lord will only give us what we’re ready for . . .” – we’re not in to victim blaming at our house.

4.  “Someday, we’ll understand . . .” – totally unsatisfactory both to my kids and to me, personally. 

5.  What am I missing?