Equality is not a Feeling, 16.0

The next three Equality is not a Feeling posts come to us from Laura C., who is a veteran around here.  Laura did a gender study of our hymnal.  Here’s how she did it:

I broke the hymns down two ways:

  • By verse
  • By hymn

For the references to females, I grouped them by whether they were symbolic references (Zion, Earth, Nature) or if they were personal (Mary, Eve), or whether they were part of a phrase that included men (usually “sons and daughters”).

Since nearly all of our references to Deity are male, I separated out reference to God from references to men/mankind/brothers.

Equality is not a Feeling, 16.0-18.0 depict the results of her hymn study.  After all three posts have been published, we’ll do some wrap-up.  For now, just the results.

2014 01 04 hymns chart one


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