Equality is Not a Feeling, 20.0

Today’s installment in the series illustrates the gender of the members of the Church Board of Education.
2013 12 11 church board of education
From what I was able to dig up from a wikipedia entry and miscellaneous other webpages from previous boards, it looks like the board is comprised of the following people:

  • all three members of the First Presidency (n=3 men)
  • three additional members of the Quorum of the Twelve (n=3 men)
  • a member of the Presidency of the Seventy (n=1 man)
  • the General Relief Society president (n=1 woman)
  • the General Young Women president (n=1 woman)

Once again, we can see that even though serving on a Board of Education isn’t a priesthood calling or duty, denying the priesthood to women results in unnecessary pronounced gender inequality in the composition of the board.

Stay tuned for most posts on other boards of education!

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