Equality is not a Feeling, 21.0

Today’s Equality is not a Feeling post is a continuation of last week’s, which showed gender breakdown of the Church Board of Education.  The Boards of Trustees of BYU-Provo, BYU-Idaho, BYU-Hawaii, and LDS Business College are the same as the Church Board of Education, which means they all look like this:

2014 01 05 byu byu idaho byu hawaii board of trusteesActually, there is an 8th man–the secretary (Roger G. Christensen)–so it’s actually 8 and 2.  But since Brother Christensen isn’t technically a “member” of the boards, I didn’t count him.

As someone in higher education, this strikes me as bizarre.  Serving on a board of a university has nothing to do with the priesthood.  Thus, there is no reason why there shouldn’t be more representation from women on these boards, as well as numerous other dimensions of diversity–including gender, race, native language, etc.

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