Equality is not a Feeling, 22.0

Today’s Equality is not a Feeling post focuses on the gender of the Commissioner of Education for the entire Church Educational System, which serves approximately 700,000 students in 146 countries in a wide range of elementary, secondary, and post-secondary institutions, as well as the church Institute programs.

Here is the gender breakdown of the Commissioners of Education for CES, from 1888 (when Karl G. Maeser was appointed the first one):

2014 01 05 ces commissioners historicalI’m assuming that this position has been assumed to be a “priesthood” position, but there’s no rationale for ordination to be a requirement of that job. 

To be fair, the overwhelming majority of university presidents in the U.S. are also men–77% (according to this article).  However, many universities are also working on strategies to decrease this discrepancy.