Equality is not a Feeling, 24.0

Today’s Equality is not a Feeling post focuses on seminary teachers and supervisors.  This data comes from my local ward/stake (Nacogdoches, TX).  Your mileage may vary (although, I suspect, not very much).

First, a look at the unpaid seminary teachers in our stake.

2014 05 08 unpaid seminary teachers

This is not really surprising, since the Church Educational System has the unfortunate habit of allowing women to do unpaid or low-paying jobs within its offices and programs.  (See here for more details on their discriminatory policies.)  Out in the mission field, we have no paid CES people to teach Institute or seminary classes.  The people who teach these classes do it as callings rather than as a career.

Now let’s look at the supervisory roles in the seminary and institute programs in my stake:

2014 05 08 unpaid seminary supervisors

There are four people in supervisory positions over these programs in my stake:  two seminary “supervisors” and two Institute “supervisors.”  All four are men. 

What about your stake?  How do the seminary and institute teacher and supervisor roles break down according to gender?  Can a woman serve as a seminary or Institute “supervisor”? 

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