97 Psaltery & Lyre: Jonathon Penny, “Song to be sung in times of famine, fear, and desolation”


Song to be sung in times of famine, fear, and desolation
(Notes on Helaman 11)

Oh, Father, make it rain;
Oh, Mother, make it quick:
Pour out that balm again
And swift unsick what’s sick.

Oh Lord, our hearth and home
Cry havoc, wrack, and death;
Send saviours to us soon,
Loose our abated breath,

Cut cutting to the quick,
Pour out that Son again.
Oh, Mother, heal the sick,
Oh, Father, make it rain.


Jonathon Penny is a poet, a scholar, a husband, a father, a cruncher of data, and, in relative poverty of spirit and blindness of mind, as much a disciple as he can manage. He has been published in Tyler Chadwick’s Fire in the Pasture, Dialogue, Victorian Violet Press, Mormon Midrashim, Sunstone, Everyday Mormon Writer, Gangway Magazine, Lowly Seraphim, and at Wilderness Interface Zone. He has several chapbooks in development, and will soon be publishing literary prose and poetry for children and youths of Percival P. Pennywhistle, PhD, and other fortunate souls under Pease Porridge Press.

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