101 Psaltery & Lyre: Theric Jepson, “Some Seduction This”



Some seduction this—
after Chadwick

Some seduction this—God
cross-dressed in death—
his shroud cinched at the waist,
skull rouged, scythe with matching
clutch. I would sleep
with this God, lying to myself, imagining
He would be the one left pregnant,
memory of His salty skin warm
      on my tongue
      like blasphemy.


Theric Jepson is author of the novel Byuck and many shorter works, some of which have appeared at Psaltery & Lyre. This poem is part of a forthcoming chapbook inspired by the language in Tyler Chadwick’s Field Notes on Language and Kinship.Meet him online by googling thmazing and seeing where that leads you.