98 Psaltery & Lyre: Jonathon Penny, “Ex Machina”




Ex machina


For He is the God           of last gasps and swan songs
                                      of sullen, grasping groans
                                      of once and righted wrongs
                                      and mournful, solemn moans

For He is God of             rescue at the longing last
                                      unveiled in fiery, fearsome place
                                      tongue-tied to the mizzen-mast
                                      and full of given Grace

For He is God, and,        hidden in our plaintive sight
                                      hears every plaintive song and sigh
                                      knows every must from every might
                                      hears every crow and cry

For He is, God, of          Heaven and of earth
                                     of wastrel and of worth
                                     of mourning and of mirth
                                     of burial and birth



Jonathon Penny is a poet, a scholar, a husband, a father, a cruncher of data, and, in relative poverty of spirit and blindness of mind, as much a disciple as he can manage. He has been published in Tyler Chadwick’s Fire in the Pasture, Dialogue, Victorian Violet Press, Mormon Midrashim, Sunstone, Everyday Mormon Writer, Gangway Magazine, Lowly Seraphim, and at Wilderness Interface Zone. He has several chapbooks in development, and will soon be publishing literary prose and poetry for children and youths of Percival P. Pennywhistle, PhD, and other fortunate souls under Pease Porridge Press.

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