99 Psaltery & Lyre: Cheryl L. Bruno, “Garden Games”




Garden Games

Elusive God of the garden, who,
when rain is roaring, winds are high,
delights in the playing of peek-a-boo:
of-a-sudden, a buttercup I spy.
Dancing God, weaves in-and-out
of the water hose, then hides away
through the lilies and down the spout.
Were you there at all? I cannot say.
Enigmatic, capricious Lord,
Sometimes your works are manifest.
But seeking you, I feel ignored,
the bullfrogs piping none-the-less.
Today I sigh, and send this plea:
Olly, olly, in-come-free.



Cheryl L. Bruno is a writer and blogger with research interests in 19th century Mormon history.


Read more of her work here and here.


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