105 Psaltery & Lyre: Theric Jepson, “Creator”




after Chadwick

By virtue of her vocabulary
the child cries chee!
and cheese is created
and she sees it is good.

She cries out Ma!
in the darkness and the void;
a cosmic crash of an opening door
and Ma! is there.

Standing at the window crying
Buhrt! Buhrt! Buhrt!
the magic is slow
but this god is patient
and the birds arrive.


Theric Jepson is author of the novel Byuck and many shorter works, some of which have appeared at Psaltery & Lyre. This poem is part of a forthcoming chapbook inspired by the language in Tyler Chadwick’s Field Notes on Language and Kinship. Meet him online by googling thmazing and seeing where that leads you. 
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