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  • old woman walker

    Encounters: I Wish I Was Still Young

    She looked at me again and seemed almost surprised to find me there holding her hand. She thanked me for stopping to talk to her and turned to slowly push...

    Encounters: Collapsing Inside

    Driving by the cemetery that day, I happened to look right and saw an older man with unkempt hair sitting on a bench outside a gravestone store across from the...
  • Karl-G.-Maeser-Building1

    Encounters: I Passed By

    I was enjoying the beautiful evening as I crossed the Maeser quad, and I heard her before I saw her. I had to look around for the source of the...
  • jesus sad

    Election Week Musings

    If we are supposed to be a Christian nation, as so many claim, let us behave today as Christ would. We are only as strong as our weakest link. Let...
  • mallet

    Sunday Takes a Mallet to My Head

    Usually a very confident person, I avoided their eyes, smiled at their foreheads, and slunk behind the piano. The chorister introduced two visitors and announced that we would be singing...
  • chupacabra


    Sometimes, in our pursuit of service, we are asked to do strange things.  Today’s guest post from Terry chronicles one such act of service. One night on my mission, my...
  • dancing

    So You Think You Can Write LDS Newsroom Press Releases

    There’s a little known LDS tradition that on Leap Day, ordinary members of the church can write fantasy press releases for the LDS newsroom. Here are some...
  • wrapped gifts

    A gift of bread or stones?

    If a gift harms someone, is it really a gift? Can we tell the difference between bread and rocks, or do we need to read some parables again?
  • dog heaven 2

    Dog Heaven

    . You know how we all imagine that ‘dog heaven’ will be a place where dogs get to do what dogs like, like ride in cars with their heads hanging...
  • cupcake

    Can a Virtual Cupcake Make Me Fat?

    The phrase “it takes a village” surfaces a deep longing for living in a time when I might have had a village. Nostalgic thoughts of sharing housework, childcare and my...
  • door knocker

    Knock and it shall be opened….

    I’ve always been intellectually supportive of the mission of Visiting Teaching. Actually making myself do it, or enjoy being on the receiving end- or ‘teachee,’ as it were- hasn’t...
  • roller coaster

    Roller Coaster

    A year ago, I was living in a daze. I was spending most nights curled up against my 11 year old daughter’s back as she lay on her...
  • scared of Santa

    Santa and I

    The year I turned four or five, we drove to my grandparents in central Wisconsin for Christmas.  Actually, we did this for most years of my early childhood- until I...
  • protein


    Last week, at a familiar intersection, the sign a man held up said, “It doesn’t take much to be kind.”
  • rose

    I was thinking about my post from last year and thought it might be worth re-running this simple but profound message this year.  Wishing all our readers an abundant Thanksgiving. ...
  • bonfire

    Bonfire of the Vanities

    The idea of a bonfire to rid ourselves of vanity sometimes has it’s appeal, especially on mornings when I’ve braided my 12 year old’s hair three different ways and she’s...
  • St Francis sanctuary

    The Feast of St. Francis

    This year, our family observed General Conference by attending the local Episcopal church.
  • lion lamb

    Humane Day: Mormonism’s Forgotten Moral Conscience

    As we continue Animal Week, today we have a guest post from  Claudia. A few years ago, I came across a gem of a little book which I wish would...
  • helicopter

    Family Ties

    Where is the line between serving your family and loosing yourself in it?
  • peace photobomb

    The Peace Project

    The Peace Project is meant for peace – that’s it. While most of us disagree with Westboro’s actions, we are not a group standing in front of them, yelling counter...
  • letter writing

    Moral Issues

    Today on our local NPR affiliate, a local Stake Presidency member was interviewed about the roll-out of the “I’m a Mormon” PR campaign in our metro area.
  • homeless in seattle

    Favorites: Business Lunch

    I asked a group with an empty chair if I could sit with them. A young man’s smile put me at ease and I settled in for lunch. I wasn’t...
  • women

    Assertiveness Training

    I knew that even small acts of assertiveness would be important. Maybe it didn’t change the world but for that individual woman, it was world-changing.
  • Finding Peace

    Finding Peace

    Forgiveness.  As babies and young children, we can’t help but forgive those that wrong us.  We have no choice…. we are too dependent.  But somehow along the path to adulthood...
  • Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren . . .

    Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren . . .

    Every once in a while, I meet someone who is just plain old good.  Without guile.  My friend Rebecca is one of those people.  And so are her kids. Rebecca...
  • wish cropped

    The Wish Tree

    I had my five year old daughter with me and I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t get her very interested in the bronzes. Then we turned the...
  • car crash window

    Crash Test

    The thought of any inexperienced driver in charge of a 4,000 pound machine makes me very nervous, but anticipating my own flesh-and-blood inexperienced driver sends me almost into a panic.
  • IMG_5624

    “The 2011 OB Drink Give-away”

    I’ve spent almost all my 38 years in Texas or Louisiana, so I’ve weathered some bad summers. The summer of 2011, however, has re-defined “bad summer.” In our area, the...
  • art shack loft window

    Window to Utopia

    What would heaven be like, for a teenager?
  • nursery window

    The Nursery Window

    “Long ago,” he said, “I thought like you that my mother would always keep the window open for me, so I stayed away for moons and moons and moons, and...
  • Pioneer woman

    We Are Pioneers

    As I was telling my Kindergartner earlier this month that we’re all pioneers in some way. Whenever we stand up for what we believe in or do something because we...
  • baby gluton

    The Gluttonous Baby

    For as long as humans have made objects, there have been baby dolls.  It’s an almost universal phenomenon that young children  play with dolls.  Especially if they have younger siblings...

    Operation Stop Arm

    My neighbor Sheri and I watched motorists pass our children’s school bus for years. We took video, called the police, reported tag numbers, complained to the public school department of...
  • garage

    Needing it Now and the Eye of the Storm

    As I watched from my TV with a newborn baby, I was physically ill at the sight of those not able to escape New Orleans as the ravaging effects of...
  • Jesus brazil

    Joining the Jesus Freaks

    Do we believe, deep down, that the poor are that way because God wants them to be?
  • neckties

    Proxy Work

    As a lone-parent, five-child family on welfare, we were hardly the ideal Mormon family.
  • soup

    No Soup For You!

    I recently read this article in the Orlando Sentinel reporting on a third round of arrests of activists arrested for violating an ordinance prohibiting the sharing of food with large...
  • potato soup

    The Parable of the Potato Soup

    Once upon a time, a woman in our ward (=church congregation) had a baby. In typical fashion, the women at church mobilized and quickly sent around a list for people...
  • money


    Money Memory #1: A few years ago I found $20 in an old canvas purse. I should note that it was my old purse and I had forgotten about the...
  • tina-fey-tank-top 2

    You Can Recognize Them by Their Hand-Carved Daggers…

    I love memoirs.  And I love Tina Fey.  So I was just salivating as my friends and co-bloggers raved about Bossypants when it came out.  Finally, on Mother’s Day,  I...
  • power tools

    Angels with Power Tools

    When you hear the words “Compassionate Service” what comes to mind?  This is like one of those word association games- just go with your gut feeling.  Macaroni and cheese?  Sign...
  • dsc00015

    Park it!

    Children can only write so many letters to full-time missionaries. Or out-of-state family members. They can only color so many pictures destined for the walls of the local hospital. They...
  • 12 bags

    Twelfth Lunch

    November 11th, 2010 I gave away the last lunch (somehow, the story of the eleventh lunch was never recorded and has been lost to the mists of time).  It had...
  • ambulance

    Emergency: Lunches 9 and 10

    On a drizzly day last fall, at the familiar corner near the Carter Center where I gave away the very first lunch, lunches #9 and #10 found homes with two...
  • tribe cropped

    Find Your Tribe

    Over a decade ago I read this article in Mothering Magazine about a woman who is far from family and friends and meets up with another woman to share household...
  • lemonade cropped

    Kids and Calamities

    I watched the Twin Towers fall on TV, my oldest child safely ensconced in her kindergarten class.  My toddler was playing with blocks nearby…. building towers and knocking them down. ...
  • claudia habib

    Parallel Journeys

    By Claudia On my personal blog, I am known as “The Faithful Dissident.” For the past three years, I’ve been hiding behind that alias. Afraid of what, I’m not exactly...
  • under bridge

    “Do you want to end up living under a bridge?”

    This is, reportedly, what my daughter’s second grade teacher asked her class during a fit of frustration over their less-than-enthusiastic preparation for the looming standardized testing.  Several other parents and...
  • talentsofsisters final

    Talents: Addition and Multiplication

    This is a guest post from a favorite reader and commenter, Corktree. It may sound simplistic (or just serving of my purpose), but I’ve always read the parable of the...
  • MLK capitol

    Celebrating the Man As Well As His Cause

    A guest post from a reader, Debra. Names matter. They do. My life experience has taught me this. Names are important as they are references – signs — that direct...
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