Column Guide

Our blog is organized by column. Although this is a group blog, different bloggers take responsibility for different columns. Below is a summary of the different columns on our site (with links to the About page for each column, if available, the column archive, and the email(s) of the D&S blogger(s) responsible for the column):


Dear JackDear Jack (Archive | Heidi)

Jack is a simultaneously feisty and kind-hearted guy, which makes him a great person to go to for advice about difficult issues that relate to family, gender, and religion. If you have a question that’s been weighing on your mind, send your question to Dear Jack.
GrondahlGrondahl (Archive | Paula)

Each week, with the permission of The Sunstone Foundation, the publisher, and Calvin Grondahl, currently the political cartoonist for the Ogden Standard-Examiner, we will run a cartoon in which Grondahl pokes gentle fun of all kinds of Mormons.
 Knit TogetherKnit Together (About | Archive | Heather )

This column, headed up by Heather Olson Beal, is about family, gender, and parenting. Knit Together posts often (but not always) discuss the intersections of family, gender, and Mormonism.
MCSMormon in the Cheap Seats (MCS) (Archive | Brent)

This column, written by Brent D. Beal, is about being a Mormon in the metaphorical cheap seats (or, as some refer to it, a “skeptical” Mormon, or maybe even a “ecumenical” Mormon, or pick your adjective--Jack, Open, New Order, Uncorrelated, Post, Middle-Way, etc.).
Our Favorite MormonsOur Favorite Mormons (Archive | Ed)

This column highlights a favorite Mormon—whether contemporary or historical.
Psaltery & LyrePsaltery & Lyre (About | Submission Guide | Archive | Dayna)

Psaltery & Lyre features exquisite, original poetry by contemporary poets. Grab a beverage, your favorite snack, and curl up in your computer chair for some excellent reading! For submission guidelines, click here.
Ride to ChurchRide to Church (Archive | Map | Submission Guide | Heather)

Rides to Church--slideshows of pictures and short captions that show what your ride/walk/jog to church/synagogue/temple/nature look like--run every Sunday and are put together by Heather Olson Beal. To read more detailed instructions for how to submit a Ride to Church, click here
SanctuaryThe Sanctuary (About | Archive | Erin | Laurie)

This column explores the big questions of life and the connections between body, mind, and soul.
stacksStacks (About | Archive | Ed | Erin | Heidi)

This column is where we discuss books, food, music, movies and other things we’re eating, reading, watching and/or listening to.
Guest PostsGuest Posts (Archive | Guest Post Topics | Submission Guide | Heather | Brent)

We regularly solicit guest posts on certain topics (see Guest Post Topics). Submitted posts for these topics will be published in this column, along with other guest posts that don’t fit neatly into one of the other columns.
12 LunchesTwelve Lunches (About | Archive | Claire)

This column is devoted to service projects and community outreach.
The WayfarerThe Wayfarer (About | Archive | Mel)

This column is about exploration that changes our everyday view, while honoring that from which we came.



CipherWallCipher on the Wall (Archive | Matt)

This column explored the intersections between mind, memories, and dreams.
Mormon FakebookMormon Fakebook (Archive | O’Q)

Facebook updates from your favorite Mormon characters.
Rogue CinemaRogue Cinema (About | Archive | Andy)

This column explores movies that make an impression on us for whatever reason.