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    No week-long love fest of Tina Fey is complete without a discussion (however incomplete) of her hit-ish show, 30 Rock. I received the first season DVD boxset for Christmas a...
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    You Can Recognize Them by Their Hand-Carved Daggers…

    I love memoirs.  And I love Tina Fey.  So I was just salivating as my friends and co-bloggers raved about Bossypants when it came out.  Finally, on Mother’s Day,  I...
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    O me, of little Feyth

    I’m drowning right now. I just finished up the hardest, most wholly unsatisfying and frustrating year of my career. Sure, I should be glad that I work in an air...
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    Tina Reveals All (and then some) in Bossypants

    If you’re a Tina Fey fangirl, this NPR interview with Tina Fey is definitely worth a listen.
  • Hot Fey

    All Girls Must Be Everything

    Now if you’re not “hot,” you are expected to work on it until you are.
  • bossypants-review

    You’ve Gotta Have Feyth

    It started last month. We pre-ordered it on Amazon, ventured into the world of audio books so that we could hear the author telling the jokes in her own voice, or...
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    Tina’s Rules for Reducing Belly Fat

    Welcome to our All Tina, All the Time week here at Doves & Serpents. For an explanation of why we’re examining her new book Bossypants from a variety of angles...
  • Tattoos

    A System

    In the 2000 Christopher Nolan film Memento, the central character (Leonard) has a big problem with his memory. After an accident an indeterminable amount of time ago, he is unable...
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2 Rodrick Rules Movie

    Diary of a Wimpy Mom

    A promise is a promise, or so my kids said, even if I really didn’t want to take them to see “Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules” the...
  • power tools

    Angels with Power Tools

    When you hear the words “Compassionate Service” what comes to mind?  This is like one of those word association games- just go with your gut feeling.  Macaroni and cheese?  Sign...
  • school bus interior

    Parental Involvement: The Gold Standard

    We hold these truths to be self-evident—that all good parents are involved in their children’s education. They bring food (homemade . . . that goes without saying) to teacher appreciation...
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    Since I pretty much like tackling any topic through reading, it should be no surprise that I like reading about sex.
  • The Distant Temple

    Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

    As we approached the wide junction of Avinguda Diagonal and the street on which our hotel was located, I saw the spires of Sagrada Familia for the first time. The four...

    Ride to Church in Avon & Paradise, Utah

    Come enjoy Carole’s ride to church in Cache Valley, Utah.  Carole lives in Avon and the church building is three miles north, in Paradise.
  • rough stone

    Going there

        Virya is a Sanskrit word that is most often used in spiritual circles to refer to the energetic push or effort it takes a person to progress spiritually....
  • Dream River

    What Dreams May Come

    There are two ways into the world of dreams. The first is to walk in consciously, the second is to achieve consciousness during or after it. These two modes suggest...
  • the-commitments-original

    The Saviors of Soul Revisited

      In 1997, some twenty years after his notoriously iconoclastic conversion to Christianity, when asked what he then believed, Bob Dylan replied: I find the religiosity and philosophy in the...
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    Park it!

    Children can only write so many letters to full-time missionaries. Or out-of-state family members. They can only color so many pictures destined for the walls of the local hospital. They...
  • no-mas-sangre

    “We are the champions” . . . and now? On Osama Bin Laden and Mexico

    My friend Jason sent me this link on Monday that discusses the death of Osama Bin Laden from a perspective I haven’t seen anywhere else. This gave me a lot...
  • rainbow


    Karen Robertson writes: “After a day of wind and rain, we were getting the kids ready for bed when my husband Danny said, “Hey, the sun came out. Let’s go...
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    BUTT-erfly T-shirts for Mother’s Day

    My first child was born on January 5. The months between her birth and Mother’s Day were, um, let’s just say they were difficult. She cried all day long and...
  • Mic on Stage

    In the Gut

    “It’s not about masculine or feminine. It’s about power, and passion, and weirdness”
  • Split Rock  Kaiteriteri

    “We Did Not Choose This Fight”

    “We did not choose this fight” is uttered from the lips of our leaders as we discuss the war on terrorism, and we heard it again last night. It was...
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    World Market

    When I need chocolate, and nothing but an enormous brick of Cadbury Dairy Milk or a handful of a Kinder Surprise (those yummy chocolate eggs with little toys inside that...
  • 100_0393

    Walk to Church in New Orleans

    In early April, I had to (got to?) to a conference in New Orleans for work. So on Sunday morning, I threw on my tennis shoes, grabbed my camera, and...
  • Rewards

    Marshmallows, Obedience and You

    In the famous Stanford Marshmallow Experiment (1972), Professor Walter Mischel gave four year-old children a marshmallow, and instructed them that if they waited twenty minutes without eating it, they would...
  • 12 bags

    Twelfth Lunch

    November 11th, 2010 I gave away the last lunch (somehow, the story of the eleventh lunch was never recorded and has been lost to the mists of time).  It had...
  • Stepford Cereal

    The Joys of Parenthood

    Why do we have such a hard time admitting to the realities of parenthood? This morning a dear friend of mine who has just given birth to her second baby...
  • More wild roses

    Get Lost

    Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about what we mean when we talk about “losing ourselves in a good book.”
  • dsfeature

    Pausing for a Moment of Silence

    When my children had outgrown their need for a nap, but I had not yet outgrown my need to have them nap, we instituted “quiet time” where they could play...
  • MTC_WQ

    Ren’s (former) Ride to the Winter Quarters, Nebraska Temple

    Today’s Ride to Church post comes from Ren (who now lives in Minnesota): I used to live in Omaha, Nebraska and this is my former ride to the Winter Quarters...
  • dan crop

    Earn This

    By Dan A long favorite movie scene of mine comes near the close of “Saving Private Ryan.” Capt. John Miller, the character played by Tom Hanks, lies dying in the...
  • The View Outside

    The Good Book

    I love getting books in the mail. No seriously: I feel like no one could possibly understand how much I love it. It doesn’t happen often enough, but when we...
  • mary-poppins-original

    A Spoonful of Sugar

    Or how the ‘Making of Mary Poppins’ documentary included on the 25th Anniversary DVD restored my hope and sweetened my attitude toward life in general. A few years ago, my...
  • ambulance

    Emergency: Lunches 9 and 10

    On a drizzly day last fall, at the familiar corner near the Carter Center where I gave away the very first lunch, lunches #9 and #10 found homes with two...
  • Bookworm

    Book Worm Love

    The books people love and the way they talk about them can be quite revealing about the way they view the world. Or not.
  • hummingbird

    Fff… family

    I just read this today and loved it: A great reminder that not all families look alike (which clearly we should not need reminding) and that for some people,...
  • 100_0437

    Worshipping WITH the World

    Last Sunday I was in New Orleans for a conference. As much as I love the volunteer work I do every Sunday as the primary chorister (children’s music leader, for...
  • messiah

    Surely We Were Blessed

    We were a wreck. The basses and tenors were supposed to be singing a unison line—yet I kept hearing a variety of notes, none of them correct. I’d moved two...
  • 17

    Paula’s Prius Ride to Church

    Today’s Ride to Church hails from Paula in Encinitas, California.   The LDS Chapel on Lake Street in Encinitas, CA is our destination today.  Encinitas is a town of 65,000...
  • The Village

    “Come to Zion”

    ‘Zion’ has become a dirty word in our world: now it is shorthand for the displacement of native peoples from their homelands, and a justification for the flexing of military...
  • hanna park

    Natural Coastline Ecosystems

    This is a photo I took on a short (half a day) trip to the beach over Spring Break.  Behind me is the Atlantic Ocean.  I was in Florida visiting...
  • Before Sunset FI

    Before Sunset

    For Jesse and Céline these questions are embodied in a single night and in each other. But the question of how we balance our passion, our need to continue living...
  • baby foot

    Helping an Orphanage in Ethiopia

    One of my dearest and oldest friends (one of two friends without whom I would not have survived high school) and her husband are adopting two babies from Ethiopia. She...
  • tribe cropped

    Find Your Tribe

    Over a decade ago I read this article in Mothering Magazine about a woman who is far from family and friends and meets up with another woman to share household...
  • DSC_0130a

    Bayou Courtableau, Louisiana

    Alina Taylor writes: These images were taken on Bayou Courtableau in St Landry Parish, Louisiana near Port Barre right off 190. It is a town steeped in Louisiana bayou charm...
  • mormon matters

    Mormon Matters Podcast 27: Mormons and their Leaders

    I really enjoyed getting to be a part of this dialogue with Joanna Brooks, Dan Wotherspoon, and Charles Randall Paul regarding the way Mormons regard our church leaders. It gave...
  • graduation cap

    The Grass is Always Greener

    I just got back from a fancy schmantzy conference for educational researchers in New Orleans. I submit proposals every year and hope to get one in—even though I know I’m...
  • mormon matters

    MM 23: The KJV and Changes to Race-Related Book of Mormon Chapter Headings

    I spent 15 hours driving this weekend and so had a lot of listening time.  I enjoyed this Mormon Matters podcast–especially after reading Ed’s post here about his first Bible:...
  • Jersey boys

    Just Too Good to be True

    Context can be everything in art. Hearing those songs again, in a fresh context, I was actually listening to them for the first time.
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