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  • dragonfly


    Ren took this amazing picture at Fort Snelling State Park in Minnesota. She says it’s a male twelve-spotted skimmer and that dragonflies are her favorite part of summer.
  • moon over manifest

    Kids, Bootleggers, and Diviners

    I read a fair amount of young adult fiction—both as part of my job as a professor of secondary education and as a parent of two girls ages 11 and...
  • lady writing


    It’s obvious that female writers and male writers are equals and “greatness” is highly subjective so we don’t have to say a word, right? I’m not so sure.
  • scrapbookingfeature

    The Memory Keeper

    They say 3 moves purges as much stuff as a fire. I’m testing that theory this summer. I moved last summer to what I knew would be temporary housing, grateful...
  • 3

    Paula’s ride to church in Trenton, Utah

    I made a visit to my hometown in mid April, so I took some photos of my mom’s ride to church, through our little town of Trenton, Utah, just a...
  • featured gosford

    Gosford Park

    After recently bingeing on the award-winning and critically acclaimed BBC mini-series Downton Abbey, the drama-comedy Gosford Park caught my eye on my Netflix suggestions menu.  It turns out they share...
  • Five 'Fingers'

    On Shoes

    According to their origins, shoes are functional items. They give a degree of protection against the chance of you stepping on something sharp or unfriendly, and may be designed to...
  • tiger eye

    The Birdnapper

    “He fell out of the nest two stories up yesterday.  I think the parents have given up on him,” my friend told my 5 year old daughter after asking if ...
  • white house

    LDS at the White House this week

    Twenty members of the church discuss civic engagement at the White House.  Read  about it here.
  • teens texting

    Teens and Social Media

    I have a 14-year-old daughter, so I have many opportunities to think about teens, texting, and Facebook. We got her a cell phone between 6th and 7th grade. She had...
  • Its_not_you_its_me_cut500

    It’s Not You, It’s Me

    I loved this recent segment from NPR’s All Songs Considered about the bands that contributors have broken up with over the years and why. From the piece: “Context is everything here, so...
  • feature cemetery

    Remember When . . .

    When we are weary and in need of strength We remember them When we are lost and sick at heart We remember them When we have joy we crave to share We...
  • Lion and Lamb-1

    Living Rapturously

    A week ago, some of us were waiting with bated breath to find out if Harold Camping had crunched the numbers correctly! Had the world ended during the night? Even...
  • Las Vegas, Nevada

    The Grovers’ Ride to Church in Vegas!

    This week’s Ride to Church comes to us from Las Vegas! Two notes from Tom: Although Las Vegas has a deserved reputation for hedonism, it is also a very religious...
  • Marathon

    ‘We Have Won’: The Spirit of the Marathon

    In the year 490 BC, so the story goes, a herald from Athens named Pheidippides, already having run 150 miles over the previous days, ran the 25 mile distance from...
  • yentl

    Papa, Watch me Fly!

    On Sunday nights, we gather all the piles of clean laundry into the living room and fold it while watching a movie. The kids were not amused by my choice...
  • money


    Money Memory #1: A few years ago I found $20 in an old canvas purse. I should note that it was my old purse and I had forgotten about the...
  • tap shoes

    Sometimes it pays to be the squeaky wheel

    My son Stuart’s end-of-the-year dance recital was last Saturday night. He looked like a million bucks up there on stage and handled himself swimmingly when the dance moms and girls...
  • a-visit-from-the-goon-squad-cover

    Return and Report: A Visit From the Goon Squad

    Welcome back to Return and Report,  a segment on Stacks where I give brief reports on what I’ve been reading or listening to lately. Today’s edition will feature an amazing book,...
  • mo4

    By the Cut of Their Hair, Ye Shall Know Them

    It’s summer buzz time at our house. The last week of school marks the time that hair standards are drastically relaxed, we’ve got teen and tween girls are picking the...
  • mean-girls-2-pic-wallpaper

    Tina Fey’s Arithmetic Mean Girl

    Does anyone remember the ABC After School Specials that ran from 1972–1997? I do. In fact I remember once fantasizing to myself about them: “If only the Saturday Night Live...
  • Photo: Bernat Casero ( )

    The Illusion of Equality

    Today, a guest post from Helen. I read a review of Rebecca Asher’s book the week it came out in print, and decided to order it straight away. One of...
  • Derall Eight

    Derall’s Ride to Church in Arizona

    Today’s Ride to Church comes to us from sunny Arizona. Derall says: “It is 70 degrees as we walk out into the smiling Arizona sun at 7:45AM this May morning. ...
  • amy and gang

    Love letters to Amy Poehler

    A few years ago I was crossing Castro street in San Francisco after a yoga class when I was stopped by an enthusiastic man. “Hey! You look exactly like that...


    No week-long love fest of Tina Fey is complete without a discussion (however incomplete) of her hit-ish show, 30 Rock. I received the first season DVD boxset for Christmas a...
  • tina-fey-tank-top 2

    You Can Recognize Them by Their Hand-Carved Daggers…

    I love memoirs.  And I love Tina Fey.  So I was just salivating as my friends and co-bloggers raved about Bossypants when it came out.  Finally, on Mother’s Day,  I...
  • bathroom

    O me, of little Feyth

    I’m drowning right now. I just finished up the hardest, most wholly unsatisfying and frustrating year of my career. Sure, I should be glad that I work in an air...
  • creditplaton-1-

    Tina Reveals All (and then some) in Bossypants

    If you’re a Tina Fey fangirl, this NPR interview with Tina Fey is definitely worth a listen.
  • Hot Fey

    All Girls Must Be Everything

    Now if you’re not “hot,” you are expected to work on it until you are.
  • bossypants-review

    You’ve Gotta Have Feyth

    It started last month. We pre-ordered it on Amazon, ventured into the world of audio books so that we could hear the author telling the jokes in her own voice, or...
  • Tina-Fey-5.JPG

    Tina’s Rules for Reducing Belly Fat

    Welcome to our All Tina, All the Time week here at Doves & Serpents. For an explanation of why we’re examining her new book Bossypants from a variety of angles...
  • Tattoos

    A System

    In the 2000 Christopher Nolan film Memento, the central character (Leonard) has a big problem with his memory. After an accident an indeterminable amount of time ago, he is unable...
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2 Rodrick Rules Movie

    Diary of a Wimpy Mom

    A promise is a promise, or so my kids said, even if I really didn’t want to take them to see “Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules” the...
  • power tools

    Angels with Power Tools

    When you hear the words “Compassionate Service” what comes to mind?  This is like one of those word association games- just go with your gut feeling.  Macaroni and cheese?  Sign...
  • school bus interior

    Parental Involvement: The Gold Standard

    We hold these truths to be self-evident—that all good parents are involved in their children’s education. They bring food (homemade . . . that goes without saying) to teacher appreciation...
  • woman-reading-book


    Since I pretty much like tackling any topic through reading, it should be no surprise that I like reading about sex.
  • The Distant Temple

    Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

    As we approached the wide junction of Avinguda Diagonal and the street on which our hotel was located, I saw the spires of Sagrada Familia for the first time. The four...

    Ride to Church in Avon & Paradise, Utah

    Come enjoy Carole’s ride to church in Cache Valley, Utah.  Carole lives in Avon and the church building is three miles north, in Paradise. [slideshow id=16]
  • rough stone

    Going there

        Virya is a Sanskrit word that is most often used in spiritual circles to refer to the energetic push or effort it takes a person to progress spiritually....
  • Dream River

    What Dreams May Come

    There are two ways into the world of dreams. The first is to walk in consciously, the second is to achieve consciousness during or after it. These two modes suggest...
  • the-commitments-original

    The Saviors of Soul Revisited

      In 1997, some twenty years after his notoriously iconoclastic conversion to Christianity, when asked what he then believed, Bob Dylan replied: I find the religiosity and philosophy in the...
  • dsc00015

    Park it!

    Children can only write so many letters to full-time missionaries. Or out-of-state family members. They can only color so many pictures destined for the walls of the local hospital. They...
  • no-mas-sangre

    “We are the champions” . . . and now? On Osama Bin Laden and Mexico

    My friend Jason sent me this link on Monday that discusses the death of Osama Bin Laden from a perspective I haven’t seen anywhere else. This gave me a lot...
  • rainbow


    Karen Robertson writes: “After a day of wind and rain, we were getting the kids ready for bed when my husband Danny said, “Hey, the sun came out. Let’s go...
  • 05_02_momsday_kmh

    BUTT-erfly T-shirts for Mother’s Day

    My first child was born on January 5. The months between her birth and Mother’s Day were, um, let’s just say they were difficult. She cried all day long and...
  • Mic on Stage

    In the Gut

    “It’s not about masculine or feminine. It’s about power, and passion, and weirdness”
  • Split Rock  Kaiteriteri

    “We Did Not Choose This Fight”

    “We did not choose this fight” is uttered from the lips of our leaders as we discuss the war on terrorism, and we heard it again last night. It was...
  • cadbury-dairy-milk-v2

    World Market

    When I need chocolate, and nothing but an enormous brick of Cadbury Dairy Milk or a handful of a Kinder Surprise (those yummy chocolate eggs with little toys inside that...
  • 100_0393

    Walk to Church in New Orleans

    In early April, I had to (got to?) to a conference in New Orleans for work. So on Sunday morning, I threw on my tennis shoes, grabbed my camera, and...
  • Rewards

    Marshmallows, Obedience and You

    In the famous Stanford Marshmallow Experiment (1972), Professor Walter Mischel gave four year-old children a marshmallow, and instructed them that if they waited twenty minutes without eating it, they would...