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  • coffee bubbles

    Cafeteria Style

    In last week’s LDS General Conference session. Elder Nelson, a prominent priesthood leader, said,“ Teach of faith to keep all the commandments of God, knowing that they are given to...
  • 10

    Sterling’s Taiwanese Ride to Church

    Today’s Ride to Church comes to us from Sterling Swallow–all the way from Taiwan. Sterling writes: Taoyuan, Taiwan is not only the site of three LDS wards, but it’s also...
  • Fractal Square Root

    Time’s Fractal Line

    ‘I wish I had more time in my life.’ A friend wrote this on his Facebook wall yesterday. It’s a problem I can certainly relate to: I often feel the...
  • before-sunrise-original

    Before Sunrise

    An American man meets a French woman on a train in Europe. They connect and get off together in Vienna where they spend the night walking around the city and...
  • laundry

    Delousing the Kids

    This beautiful poem was written by my dear friend, Dayna Patterson, after patiently listening to me whine about our 2010 lice-capade.  It will be published later this year in a...
  • Pediculus humanus capitis

    An Unlikely Prayer of Thanksgiving

    Last summer, Brent and Stuart went to get a haircut. While there, the stylist discovered that Stuart had lice (gasp!). We soon discovered that Marin also had it (double gasp!)....
  • missionaries-on-bikes

    Bicycle Playlist

    “Bicycles move with the flow of the earth …”
  • flying

    Cleared for Take Off

    “Does anyone smell smoke?” Not exactly the words you want to hear at 36,000 feet in the air halfway through a cross-country flight. Shortly after the flight attendant asked us...
  • DSC_3504

    James’ Bike Ride to Church in Suffolk and Essex

    Come see James’ bike ride to his favourite church just outside Suffolk, England, where James grew up and now works as a primary school teacher. This is not the Quaker...
  • hemofgarment

    Reach Out and Touch Someone

    He blazed up the wide middle aisle of our repurposed Presbyterian sanctuary, passing the stained glass depictions of Biblical scenes on his way to the pulpit to speak at the...
  • Ansel Adams

    The West

    Yesterday on ‘Rogue Cinema’ I wrote about one of my Granddad’s favourite films, the 1955 version of Oklahoma!, and pondered how this representation of the American West appealed to his...
  • SDC10475_CROP

    Boise Trees

    DaLyn took these beautiful pictures in or around Boise, Idaho.  Thanks for sharing them with us, DaLyn.  
  • Flyer


    The first part of a two-post analysis of the dream of the American West, through a particularly successful 1955 movie adaptation of the Broadway hit. Six years ago, my paternal...
  • The Holy Hill

    Glastonbury Tor

    When we lived in Bristol, we went a few times to the nearby and ancient town of Glastonbury, where, on top of a sharp and very prominent hill, a strange-looking...
  • eyes

    Woman can’t close eyes due to plastic surgery

    I just read this sad article about a woman who can no longer close her eyes due to a plastic surgery procedure.  And if you’ve been reading here this week,...
  • lemonade cropped

    Kids and Calamities

    I watched the Twin Towers fall on TV, my oldest child safely ensconced in her kindergarten class.  My toddler was playing with blocks nearby…. building towers and knocking them down. ...
  • bedsheets

    More college “hookups” but more virgins

    I just read this article re: the sexual behavior of college students. This article reports on research done by Mark Regnerus, who wrote Forbidden Fruit that I wrote about several...
  • Advanced Style


    The willingness to spend tons of money and time grooming or getting surgery is born of a desire to control outcomes, to dictate the potentially unpredictable vicissitudes of desire and...
  • peep o suction

    I’m Not Fancy

      “At fifty, every man has the face he deserves.  To erase the lines and change the contours of one’s face is a way of obliterating one’s history.” –George Orwell...
  • Bobby Lopez

    An interview with Bobby Lopez, co-creator of the Book of Mormon musical

    I thought this was a great interview.  I loved it when he said he liked the Mormon practice of having weekly “Family Home Evening” and hoped his kids were having...
  • cathedral

    Pay to Pray: Going Green for God

    The flickering of the candles drew me in as if they were the wish at end of a birthday celebration. . . when I found out that money was tied...
  • peace

    As is the atom, so is the universe…

    Part 1: My poor kids have a Yogi-Buddhist-Pacifist (and Christian leaning) Mom. This does not bode well if you are a 15-year old boy who loves video games. Have you...
  • The Black Hills, Wales

    Let’s Walk Together

    It’s easy to be unconscious about our consciousness. The stories that we tell ourselves make up our world, but it’s natural to be unaware of the huge potential power that...
  • pic7 669

    My Oldest Possession

    Forty years ago today I received a gift, an item I’ve owned longer, and used more often, than any other possession
  • foggy morning

    Rural Washington

    This beautiful picture is a shot of the view Brent (married to Doves-and-Serpents-Heather) woke up to every morning growing up in rural Washington state. The picture was taken by Brent’s...
  • claudia habib

    Parallel Journeys

    By Claudia On my personal blog, I am known as “The Faithful Dissident.” For the past three years, I’ve been hiding behind that alias. Afraid of what, I’m not exactly...
  • billy elliot

    My Own (not-so-little-anymore) Dancing Boy

    My son Stuart turned 8 in February and was baptized as a member of our church last Sunday.  (Children typically get baptized when they turn 8 in the Mormon church,...
  • magnolia-original


    Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia (1999) shows us (to use David Lynch’s words:) people ‘in trouble’. Like Altman’s Short Cuts, the film revolves around the strangely interconnected lives of a number...
  • bofmcover

    “I Believe” – a Review of “The Book of Mormon” Musical

    And mostly I felt sadness that it takes people completely outside of my faith to see where the power of Mormonism lies.
  • University of Utah LDS Chapel

    Jonathan’s Ride to Church(es) in Salt Lake City

    I was inspired by Andy’s post of churches around York several weeks back and decided to give it a shot where I live here in the Salt Lake area.  I...
  • jonahbanner

    Belly Aches

    Nearly a year ago, I was distressed to realize that I desperately wanted to be somewhere else, doing something else. I wanted to be someone else. Felt burnt out at work....
  • Rickman

    Kevin Smith: ‘Dogma’

    When Dogma (1999) was first released, it was met with all the usual protestors: the Harry-Potter-book-burners, who hadn’t bothered to see the film. From a copy of the script, the...
  • under bridge

    “Do you want to end up living under a bridge?”

    This is, reportedly, what my daughter’s second grade teacher asked her class during a fit of frustration over their less-than-enthusiastic preparation for the looming standardized testing.  Several other parents and...
  • pacifier

    The Incredible Shrinking Woman

    I never thought too much about whether I’d be a mother (see this post if you’d like). I thought about becoming a mother about as much as I think about...
  • World Book Night

    Return and Report

    Welcome to a new segment on Stacks where I give brief reports on what I’ve been reading or listening to lately. Today’s edition will feature four novels I’ve read in...
  • IMG_5209-1_2

    Mormon Mommy Meets Eat, Pray, Love

    In the spirit of wayfaring, Ashley joins us today with the kind of travelogue I’d love to hear in testimony meeting.  I’m the one with my mouth open wide and...
  • searching-for-the-wrong-eyed-jesus-original

    The Rituals of Sin

    Today on ‘The Sanctuary’ we’re very pleased to have a guest post from Krisanne, who writes at the Mormon Women Project, as well as A Paper Moth and Bottari. A couple...
  • 17BR tempple in Stake Center's Back yard

    DRY Ink’s Ride to Church

    Come see Erika’s drive to church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Erika is a licensed therapist and photographer.  Click here to see her amazing work. Erika says: “I live in Baton...
  • The Bar

    The Big Lebowski

    ‘Sometimes there’s a man… and he’s the man for his time and place.’ The Big Lebowski (1998) is a film about a man who ‘nobody calls… Lebowski.’ He is ‘The Dude’...
  • talentsofsisters final

    Talents: Addition and Multiplication

    This is a guest post from a favorite reader and commenter, Corktree. It may sound simplistic (or just serving of my purpose), but I’ve always read the parable of the...
  • doves1

    Bee Photography

    Check out this amazing picture taken by D’Arcy Benincosa of Bee Photography.  This is one of her favorite shots:  
  • IMG_1262

    I’m a Public School Junkie

      I’m a public school junkie and since this is Texas Public Schools Week (who knew?), I’m hopping up on my Public Schools Soapbox.  My three siblings and I are...
  • Music_Boy_Wallpaper_by_Zero_Juan

    To The Greatest Boy in the World — A Tribute

    My boy, my oldest, is turning nine tomorrow. He is still young, but in the last six months, there have been these strange flickers of the future, a shadow of...
  • featuredcartoon

    Sacred Cows Make the Best Burgers

    We can blame it all on Ben Franklin. Starting the trend for using artistic satire to editorialize, his “Join, or Die” cartoon was the first of its kind to be...
  • Before I Die

    Before I Die . . . in NOLA

    This is one of the coolest things I have seen in a long time.  Candy Chan is a public installation artist, designer, urban planner, and co-founder of Civic Center who...
  • mormon matters

    Mormon Matters Podcast

    I don’t know what I was thinking, but I (Heather) accepted John Dehlin’s invitation to participate in his first re-tooled Mormon Matters Podcast.  Check it out here and let me...
  • dsc00774small

    Reuben’s (Bike) Ride to Church

    My name is Reuben Collins, and I’ve lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for 5 years.  My local LDS chapel is only about two miles from my home, but there’s a lot...
  • hoop

    Brandon Davies and not-so-short shorts

    This week, Brandon Davies was suspended from playing on the BYU basketball team for violations of the Honor Code. (ie: he had sex with his girlfriend) The responses have surprised...
  • TB1

    Tarkio Balloon

    A special guest post today featuring the short documentary ‘Tarkio Balloon. The film is the first in ‘The Lost and Found Series,‘ a series of five documentary films by a...
  • the-fountain91

    The Fountain

    How much recompense can mythology – or even the scientific comforts of persistence of the body – provide in the face of human yearning?
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