Ride to Church Guest Submissions

We want to know what your “metaphorical” ride to church looks like.  Living in a cool/hip/interesting place is not required!  Neither is going to an actual church building!  Maybe your “ride” is actually a hike or a walk on the beach or riding a bike/motorcycle or public transportation.  We’d love to see pictures of wherever you go or whatever you do to worship or commune with nature or (re)connect with your spiritual side.

We’d love to hear from people from all over the world!  So grab your camera and start taking pictures.  Here’s what we’ll need:

1.       A series of 10-15 digital images:  if 10 seems like a daunting number, then send fewer.  If you can’t possibly get it done in 15, send more!

2.      Pictures should be 800 X 600 minimum

3.      A short paragraph (250 words or less) introduction of where you live, what you like/don’t like about it, etc.

4.      Short captions for each photo

Here’s a link to the first few Ride to Church posts that we’ve done:


If you’d like to do it, email us and let us know when you’ll have them ready.  Then send electronic copies of the photos to me along with the text–either in a word document or in the body of the email to heather@thebeals.net.

We can’t wait to see what your “ride” to church looks like!