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  • scared of Santa

    Santa and I

    The year I turned four or five, we drove to my grandparents in central Wisconsin for Christmas.  Actually, we did this for most years of my early childhood- until I...
  • letter writing

    Moral Issues

    Today on our local NPR affiliate, a local Stake Presidency member was interviewed about the roll-out of the “I’m a Mormon” PR campaign in our metro area.
  • homeless in seattle

    Favorites: Business Lunch

    I asked a group with an empty chair if I could sit with them. A young man’s smile put me at ease and I settled in for lunch. I wasn’t...
  • Finding Peace

    Finding Peace

    Forgiveness.  As babies and young children, we can’t help but forgive those that wrong us.  We have no choice…. we are too dependent.  But somehow along the path to adulthood...
  • wish cropped

    The Wish Tree

    I had my five year old daughter with me and I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t get her very interested in the bronzes. Then we turned the...
  • loa.cover

    Book Lover

    I’m not afraid to admit it. I have a problem. I’m addicted to books. I thought I had kept it hidden for many years, but when my wife finally catches...
  • car crash window

    Crash Test

    The thought of any inexperienced driver in charge of a 4,000 pound machine makes me very nervous, but anticipating my own flesh-and-blood inexperienced driver sends me almost into a panic.
  • 08 Painting

    08 A Mormon in the Cheap Seats: Painting by the Numbers

    It’s about the process, not the outcome. Painting by the numbers, regardless of how carefully, isn’t the same as painting our own picture—and learning to paint on our own, I...
  • art shack loft window

    Window to Utopia

    What would heaven be like, for a teenager?
  • nursery window

    The Nursery Window

    “Long ago,” he said, “I thought like you that my mother would always keep the window open for me, so I stayed away for moons and moons and moons, and...
  • Pioneer woman

    We Are Pioneers

    As I was telling my Kindergartner earlier this month that we’re all pioneers in some way. Whenever we stand up for what we believe in or do something because we...
  • soup

    No Soup For You!

    I recently read this article in the Orlando Sentinel reporting on a third round of arrests of activists arrested for violating an ordinance prohibiting the sharing of food with large...
  • tina-fey-tank-top 2

    You Can Recognize Them by Their Hand-Carved Daggers…

    I love memoirs.  And I love Tina Fey.  So I was just salivating as my friends and co-bloggers raved about Bossypants when it came out.  Finally, on Mother’s Day,  I...
  • tribe cropped

    Find Your Tribe

    Over a decade ago I read this article in Mothering Magazine about a woman who is far from family and friends and meets up with another woman to share household...
  • lemonade cropped

    Kids and Calamities

    I watched the Twin Towers fall on TV, my oldest child safely ensconced in her kindergarten class.  My toddler was playing with blocks nearby…. building towers and knocking them down. ...
  • claudia habib

    Parallel Journeys

    By Claudia On my personal blog, I am known as “The Faithful Dissident.” For the past three years, I’ve been hiding behind that alias. Afraid of what, I’m not exactly...
  • under bridge

    “Do you want to end up living under a bridge?”

    This is, reportedly, what my daughter’s second grade teacher asked her class during a fit of frustration over their less-than-enthusiastic preparation for the looming standardized testing.  Several other parents and...
  • talentsofsisters final

    Talents: Addition and Multiplication

    This is a guest post from a favorite reader and commenter, Corktree. It may sound simplistic (or just serving of my purpose), but I’ve always read the parable of the...
  • MLK capitol

    Celebrating the Man As Well As His Cause

    A guest post from a reader, Debra. Names matter. They do. My life experience has taught me this. Names are important as they are references – signs — that direct...
  • The_Decemberists-Castaways_And_Cutouts-Frontal_a


    I’m in the process of choosing to leave. I’m almost there. There’s only a consideration of the cost.
  • joy- a portrait artist in LA

    Bearing a Burden

    It sounds corny, but by carrying around her belongings (two pairs of sturdy shoes, a box of office supplies, a blanket, and a black garbage bag full of what I...
  • Reflected Sphere


    When the Universe ends—or re-begins?—how will we know? Who will write the history of it? And what is the basis of any hope that anyone would care to read it?
  • Christoph Niemann: Visitor from the Kid's Room

    The Power and the Glory of Quirky Observation

    I’ve recently been reminded of how some, more quirky observations can easily lead to delightful moments of wonder and a spine-tingling connectedness with the whole bad-ass universe. We might fail...
  • London Calling York

    London Calling

    [UPDATED] I took a call from London at four this morning – that’s 11 AM London time. It was my fifteen year-old daughter in tears at having discovered that she...
  • Pieter Bruegel the Elder - The Seven Deadly Sins or the Seven Vices - Avarice

    Penelope’s List

    Is the desire to be happy a human universal? Or is it just another one of those preferences that arise from the murky depths of some personalities? On its face...
  • Partake so that we might live ...

    Blessed Eve, Mother of All Living

    The opposite of life is not death, rather never knowing. Yet knowledge has been called a forbidden fruit and a poison … the root of all evil … a bitter...