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  • car crash window

    Crash Test

    The thought of any inexperienced driver in charge of a 4,000 pound machine makes me very nervous, but anticipating my own flesh-and-blood inexperienced driver sends me almost into a panic.
  • art shack loft window

    Window to Utopia

    What would heaven be like, for a teenager?
  • nursery window

    The Nursery Window

    “Long ago,” he said, “I thought like you that my mother would always keep the window open for me, so I stayed away for moons and moons and moons, and...
  • i80_west_nevada.sized[1]

    10 Seconds with Tinkerbell

    This week I found myself in that place Tinkerbell is so fond of – the place between asleep and awake. I opened my eyes from an awkward catnap on the...
  • President Bush meets with First Presidency of LDS Church_cropped

    A Prophet at Wartime

    What does this Prophet deplore in war? The actions of the enemy? The actions of the US-led coalition? War in general? It’s hard to tell and this appears to be...
  • The_Decemberists-Castaways_And_Cutouts-Frontal_a


    I’m in the process of choosing to leave. I’m almost there. There’s only a consideration of the cost.
  • van Gogh: The Good Samaritan - feature

    The Golden Rule

    [UPDATED] I am bound and cannot escape. I live in shadows and mists along the edges of that magical world of my childhood; a realm where all of humanity is enslaved...
  • Brueghel - Tower of Babel


    [Updated with Bad Religion] The Holy Bible tells a story rich in metaphor which marks the tendency for information to change as it passes through and between human minds. The...
  • Approaching Star

    Lamb Chop In The Sky

    If a boy becomes a man and can still feel the tug of an emotion from across 40 years, one may guess that the experience was profound — and so...
  • turkey


    A grateful resident presented me with a chocolate turkey, wrapped in beautiful multicolored foil. Then she looked around her room, reached over to her bedside table, and...
  • The Antikythera Device


    Birthdays are a natural time to put one’s current moment into the perspective of history. This past week I’m realizing just how much history has slipped by in so little time. I...
  • Pink Packard Hood


    Light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul laments Humbert Humbert. The recollection of Lolita draws Nabokov’s unreliable narrator far back in time as the middle-aged...
  • Third Eye

    Cipher on a Wall: Of Mind, Memories, and Dreams

    The mind is a stage. Does this sound familiar? Descartes continues: where ideas are illuminated by the inner light of reason. In 1973 a Mormon Apostle, Boyd K. Packer, ventured...